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Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) Administrator Oscar G. Garin bared that the country is now experiencing scarcity of coco seed nuts for planting since supply from PCA operated seed gardens and accredited seed nut producers cannot meet the demand.

“Our seed gardens can only produce up to two million seed nuts per year” Garin said noting that the PCA is now receiving numerous inquiries and orders for available coconut planting materials.

“We can only respond to the needs of priority areas” he continued declaring that previous commitments to certain persons or entities for free seed nuts will no longer be met in view of the shortage of production of seed nuts and insufficiency of funds for the PCA.

Garin ordered that all seed nuts coming out of PCA centers are to be sold at production cost to ensure the financial viability of the centers and the continued availability of high quality planting materials.

“Our coconut farmers are now fully convinced that there is money in coconut and are eager to invest for the planting of more coconut trees including the opening of new lands to coconut farming” he enthused in clarifying that the fact of PCA selling seed nuts is now a non-issue.

The PCA operates seed gardens in Aroman, Carmen, North Cotabato; Zamboanga Research Center in San Ramon, Zamboanga City; Davao Reasearch Center in Davao City; Albay Research Center in Guinobatan, Albay Coconut Seed Production Center in Mambusao, Capiz and Ubay Seed Garden in Ubay Bohol.

The pick up prices of seed nuts from the seed gardens are P10.00 per seed nut for Open Pollinated Variety, Synthetic Variety and OPV Dwarf; and 14.00 for Aromatic Coconuts and Hybrids. Garin clarified however that prices are subject to changes as per transport cost and distance of the area from the seed gardens.

Garin gave assurance that PCA is now developing schemes aimed at increasing the seed nut production of existing centers, and facilitating the availability of planting materials from accredited private sources. “Our aim is to make available some twenty million seed nuts for the Catch-up Planting and Replanting Program” He concluded.



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