Integrated Soil Fertility Management (ISFM) on Coconut + Lanzones
Field Application of Common Salt on Cooking Banana Cultivar ´Cardaba´
Enhancement of Economic Benefits from Selected Coco-based Farming Systems Practices & Technologies
Productive and Sustainable Coconut Farming Ecosystems as Potential Carbon "Sinks" in Climate-Change Minimization
Coconut+Cacao Cropping Model
Salt - An Effective and Cheap Fertilizer for High Coconut Productvity
Coco-Biodiesel: For a Cleaner Enbironment! For Economic Development
Coconut Methyl Ester (CME As Petro Diesel Quality Enhancer)
Bio-Organic Fertilizer (BOF) From Coir Dust and Animal Manures
Brownies - Coconut Flour
Control of Cocont Bud and Fruit Rots
Coconut Cadang-Cadang Disease Primer
The Light Levels Under Coconut Canopy and their Practical Applications in Intercropping
Chocolate Chips Sapal Cookies
Coconut-Banana Intercropping
Coconut + Gmelina Cropping System. A Coconut Based Farming System For Increased Productivity
Coconut Processing Technologies - Coconut Flour
Coconut Processing Technologies - Coconut Milk
Coconut Processing Technologies - Young Coconut Water
Utilization of COCOPEAT in Coconut Production
Coco-Planting: Ang Pagtatanim ng Semilya na Pintubo sa Karaniwang Punlaan
Producing High Value "Organic and Green" Foods from Coco Sap at Village Level
Coco Coir/Fiber Production
Cocont Delight
Cocont Yield and Profitability Under Two Practical Options: Common Salt and Multi-Nutrient Application on Bearing Trees
Cocont Fiber Board
Production of Coconut Flour and Virgin Cocont Oil
Productive and Sustainable Coconut Farming Ecosystems as Potential Carbo "Sinks" in Climate Change Minimization
Cooconut Variety for Commercial Buko Production - Galas Green Dwarf (GALD)
Genetically Multi-Ancestored Farmers' Composite Variety - "A Sustainable Option for Farmers"
Control the Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle using the Green Muscardine Fungus (GMF)
Goat Manure and Coconut By-Products
Primer on Biological Control of Hagonoy (Chromolaena Odorata)
Leaf Spot Disease of Coconut
The Small Limacodid Penthocrates sp. A Pest on Coconut
Coconut Embryo for the Propagation of Makapuno Seedlings
Mineral Macro-Nutrients of, Micro-Nutrients and Other Elements in Leaves of Malunggay Plant (Molinga Oleifera)
Wares and Novelty Items From Coconut Fruit Residues: One-Nut Concept
Coco Pandesal
Catigan Green Dwarf x Tagnanan Tall
Tacunan Green Dwarf x Tagnanan Tall
Coconut Leaf Pruning: A Potential Tool for Higher Farm Productivity
Control Rodents in Coconut
Sequential Coconut Toddy and Nut Production (SCTNP) Techonology
Optimizing Benefits From Fertilization of Bearing Coconuts by Skipping Annual Fertilizer Application Every Three Years
Integrated Pest Management for Slug Caterpillar
The False Spider Mites (Rarosiella Cocosae Rimando) a Sucking Pest of Coconut
Stem Bleeding Disease of Coconut
Coconut Variety For Commercial Buko Production: Tacunan Green Dwarf (TACD)
A New Coconut Accession: Tutupaen Tall (TTPT)
Underplanting of Young Bearing Palms for the Production of the Edible Vegetative Pith or "Ubod"
Frequently Asked Questions on Virgin Coconut Oil
Implementing Rules and Regulations to Enforce Standards in the Production and Marketing of Virgin Coconut Oil
Virgin Cocont Oil Processing