Export Performance of Coconut Products 2018


To enhance transparency and enforce accountability, all agencies of the government shall maintain a transparency seal to be posted on their website and shall contain the following:  

I. Agency's mandate and functions; names of its officials with their position and designation, and contact information;

II. DBM Approved Budget and Corresponding Targets

III. Modification made pursuant to the general and special provisions in the FY 2018 GAA (not applicable)

IV. FY 2018 Annual Procurement Plan (FY 2018 APP non-CSE), Indicate FY 2019 APP non-CSE; and FY 2019 APP for Common-Supplies and Equipment (FY 2019 APP CSE)

V. Major Projects, Programs, and Activities, Beneficiaries and Status of Implementation for FY 2018

VI. Annual Financial Report(whole year/as of December end of year/4th quarter)

VII. Annual Reports on the Status of Income Authorized by Law to be deposited outside the National Treasury(N/A all income are being deposited in the National Treasury)

VIII. ISO 9001: 2015
  • PCA Quality Management System Manual
  • Certification from the HOA for Implementing the ISO(As per Administrative and General Services Department, Department Academy of the Philippines, already issued memorandum to PCA regarding its readiness for ISO certification.)

IX. System of Ranking Delivery Units for FY 2018 PBB

X. Agency Review and Compliance Procedure of Statements and Financial Disclosures

XI. People's Freedom to Information (FOI)



For the year of 2017

  Activated Carbon TD    Show PDF      
  Bath Soap TD     Show PDF      
  Buko TD     Show PDF      
  Charcoal TD     Show PDF      
  CMEBIO Diesel TD.pdf     Show PDF     
  CNO Exporters & Traders TD.pdf     Show PDF     
  Coco Chemicals TD     Show PDF     
  Coco Chips TD     Show PDF     
  Coco Meat TD     Show PDF      
  Coconut Cream TD     Show PDF      
  Coconut Seedlings TD     Show PDF     
  Coconut Water TD  Show PDF      
 Coco Sap TD  Show PDF      
Coco Shell TD  Show PDF      
 Coir Peat Husk TD   Show PDF      
 Copra Meal, Cake TD  Show PDF  
  Copra TD     Show PDF     
 Desiccated Coconut TD  Show PDF  
 Flour TD  Show PDF  
 Food TD  Show PDF  
 Furniture TD  Show PDF   
 Lumber TD  Show PDF 
 Macapuno TD  Show PDF  
 MealcakeTD.pdf  Show PDF  
 Nata de Coco TD  Show PDF   
 Oil Millers Refiners TD  Show PDF   
 Oil Millers TD  Show PDF   
 Oil Palm TD  Show PDF   
 Refiners TD  Show PDF   
 Residue TD  Show PDF   
 Shampoo TD  Show PDF   
 Sugar TD  Show PDF   
 Ubod TD  Show PDF   
 VCO TD  Show PDF   
 Vinegar TD  Show PDF   
 Wholenut TD  Show PDF   
 Wine Lambanog TD  Show PDF