Average Domestic Commodity Prices 2018


  January    ADCP      
  February    ADCP      
  March    ADCP      




For the year of 2016

  Activated Carbon TD    Show PDF      
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  Coco Chemicals TD     Show PDF     
  Coco Chips TD     Show PDF     
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  Coco Flour TD     Show PDF      
  Coco Milk TD     Show PDF     
  Coco Sap Sugar TD  Show PDF      
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 Coco Water TD   Show PDF      
 Copra Meal, Cake TD  Show PDF  
  Copra TD     Show PDF     
 Desiccated Coconut TD  Show PDF  
 Fresh Young TD  Show PDF  
 Makapuno TD  Show PDF   
 Nata de Coco TD  Show PDF 
 Oil Millers TD  Show PDF  
 Refiners TD  Show PDF  
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