Integrated Crop Protection

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Technologies Generated



  • Institutionalized IPM in Coconut-Based Farming System

  • Integrated Pest Management against:

- Rhinoceros Beetle (Use of Metarrhizium anisopliae, Oryctes baculovirous)
- Coconut Leaf Beetle
- Coconut Scale Insect
- Mealybug
- Slug Caterpillar
- Asiatic palm weevil

  • Disease Management

- Phytophthora Bud and Nut Rots
- Cadang-cadang
- Socorro wilt
- Stem Bleeding
- Leaf spots

  • Others (Rodents,  Hagonoy)



Techno Guides



Pest Management

  1. Integrated Pest Management for Rhinoceros Beetle
  2. Control the Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle using the Green Muscardine Fungus
  3. The Small Limacodid Penthocrates sp – A Pest on Coconut
  4. The False Spider Mites (Rarosiella cocosae Rimando) a Sucking Pest of Coconut
  5. Integrated Pest Management for Slug Caterpillar
  6. Green Muscardine Fungus, a Lethal Powder to Control the Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle
  7. Integrated Management of Rhinoceros Beetle
  8. The Coconut Leaf Beetle - Brontispa longgisima Gestro (CPD-DRC)
  9. Coconut Leaf Beetle - Brontispa longgisima Gestro (Brontispa Action Team)
  10. Biological Control Agents of the Brontispa longgisima Gestro (CPD-DRC)
  11. Scale Insect on Coconut - Aspidiotus Destructor


Disease Management

  1. Control of Coconut Bud and Fruit Rots
  2. Leaf Spot Disease of Coconut
  3. Stem Bleeding Disease of Coconut
  4. Cadang-cadang Disease Primer
  5. Cadang-cadang Containment Program
  6. Technical Notes on the Cadang-cadang Disease and its Causal Agents



  1. Control Rodents in Coconut
  2. Primer on Biological Control of Hagonoy (Chromolaena odorata)



Ongoing Projects


  1. Cadang cadang Disease Containment and Accreditation Program 
    Implementing Unit: ARC, Regions IV-A, V and VIII
    Fund Source: PCA
    Status: Ongoing

  2. Mass production of green muscardine fungus for the control of rhinoceros beetle 
    Implementing Unit: ARC, DRC
    Fund Source: PCA
    Status: Ongoing

  3. Coconut Scale Insect Control and Management
    Implementing Unit: DRC
    Fund Source: PCA
    Status: Ongoing

  4. Coconut leaf beetle (Brontispa longgisima Gestro) Control and management
    Implementing Unit: DRC, ARC
    Fund Source: PCA
    Status: Ongoing

  5. Development of mass production systems for   Biocontrol  Agents of major coconut pest/disease(s)
    Implementing Unit: DRC
    Status: Absorbs CSI control and management projects starting July 1, 2015

  6. GIS-aided mapping of major pests and diseases and emerging pests and diseases
    Implementing Unit: DRC
    Status: Implemented July 1, 2015

  7. Development of community-based integrated pest management in coconut-based farming system
    Implementing Unit: DRC
    Fund Source:
    Status: Approved for  2015 implementation but no funds release yet